SSSS Public Service Award

Established in 1985, The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality's Public Service Award is given to individuals for outstanding achievement or major impact in such areas as public awareness of sexual issues, public advocacy, professional practice by educators, therapists or health specialists, and legislation or public policy formation.  

Nominating Individuals for SSSS Public Service Award


Deadline: March 1 of each calendar year.


The SSSS Awards and Fellows Committee welcomes nomination materials for the SSSS Public Service Award on or before March 1.


SSSS Public Service Award Criteria


With respect to the Public Service Award, it is recommended that the award not be restricted to members of The Society, but rather be given to individuals whose service has had a major impact on the profession or society in general and that the award be focused on career achievement.



Award nomination guidelines, as modified by the SSSS Board of Directors in November 2008:


1.        “The Awards Committee is committed to avoiding potential conflicts of interest. Hence, members of the Awards Committee and Executive Committee of The Society’s Board of Directors are ineligible for consideration for any/all Society awards considered by the Awards Committee during their term of service.”


2.            Nominations for the Public Service Award are not open from the general membership of the Society. Only members of the Awards Committee and the The Society’s Board of Directors can nominate candidates for the award.

3.           All Society award nominations require the following materials in a single evidence file: the award candidate’s current vita and two letters of support by Society members. The individual who assumes responsibility for nominating a particular candidate for an award (not the Awards Committee) bears responsibility for locating individuals willing to support the nomination and for submitting the complete evidence file for a candidate to the Awards Committee Chair. S/he agrees to collect all necessary information and transmit this electronically to the Chair of the Fellows/Awards Committee on or before the March 1 deadline. The Awards/ Fellow Committee Chair will not take this role.

4.           Each nominator assumes responsibility for collecting appropriate data on an award candidate without a candidate’s knowledge of the nomination to prevent disappointment and safeguard confidential discussion of qualifications.

5.           The official deadline for complete files (all information needed for the Awards/Fellows Committee to consider a candidate for a potential award or fellow status) is March 1. The Committee will not consider incomplete files and late nominations following the March 1 date.

6.           Please use email to address any questions and nomination materials to Mandy Peters  at



Award Recipients

  • 1985 - Bill Baird
  • 1987 - Harriet Pilpel, L.L.B.
  • 1989 - Michael Barrett, Ph.D.
  • 1991 - Michael A. Carrera, Ed.D.
  • 1992 - Faye Wattleton
  • 1993 - Edward Brecher
  • 1994 - Debra Haffner, M.P.H.
  • 1995 - Theodore McIlvena, M.Div., Ph.D.
  • 1996 - Phyllis Lyon, Ed.D. and Del Martin
  • 1997 - Virginia Prince, Ph.D.
  • 1998 - Founders of the Mattachine Society and ONE, Inc.
  • 1999 - Robert Francoeur, Ph.D.
  • 2000 - David Satcher, M.D.
  • 2004 - Beverly Whipple, Ph.D.
  • 2005 - Sol Gordon, Ph.D.
  • 2009 - Mariela Castro-Espin
  • 2010 - Carol Cassell, Ph.D.  
  • 2011 - Betty Dodson, Ph.D. 
  • 2012 - Mark Schoen, Ph.D. 
  • 2014 - Jessica M. Xavier, M.P.H.
  • 2017 - M. Joycelyn Elders, MD
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