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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: An Effective Modality For Developing Emotional Self-Regulation For Victims Of Sexual Trauma - Bonnie Malajian, MSW;  Victoria Panna, MS

Exploring Sexual Satisfaction in a Community Sample of Straight and Queer Women - Dayna Henry, PhD;  Sonya Satinsky, PhD, MPH

The Experiences of Femme Identified Individuals: Crossing Gender & Sexual Orientation to Understand "Femme Identities" - Rhea Hoskin, MA;  Karen Blair, PhD

Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of The Promiscuous Young Male - Andrew P. Smiler, PhD

Gay, straight, and bisexual men agree on attractiveness in male and female faces - Kevin Rosenfield, BS

Trends and Impacts of cybersex - Robertha Medina, MS

Self-Perception of Adults with Intellectual Disability (ID) - Mary Rita Weller, PhD, MSW

Genital Self-Image, Pubic Hair Preferences and Sexual Behavior: A Cross-Gender Comparison among College Men and Women - Nicole Smith, MPH, CHES, CPH;  Erika Collazo, MPH;  Scott Butler, PhD;  Lucia Caltabiano;  Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH

Portrayals of Older Women in General Interest Magazine Ads: An exploratory content analysis - Jean Henry, PhD

Solo Pleasures Relating to the Scrotal Testicles - James L. Riedy, MA

Intervention for Low Sexual Desire in Women - Meenakshi Palaniappan, BA;  Kathleen Connelly, MS;  Tessa Wimberley, BA;  Katherine Anderson, Pharm.D;  Laurie Mintz, PhD;  Alexandra Balzer, PhD;  Christina Tremante;  Danielle Pierini, Pharm.D

Understand Sexual Expression in Later Life: Experience of Older Adults in Chengdu - Shuyan Yang, MS;  Elsie Yan, MD

"Queer Identity Development:" Understanding the Intersections between the Development of Gender Identity and Sexual Attraction - Elliot Ruggles, LSW, Med

Intimate Partners and Methamphetamine: Drug Use Technique - Kathryn Barnhart, MPH;  Nicole Smith, MPH;  Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH;  Erika Collazo, MPH;  Nicholas Goeders, PhD;  Elyse Cornett

Use of Sexually Explicit Material and Attachment to God Among Young Christian Women - Tom Copeland, EdD;  Courtney Quijas

I'll Take Two': Women's Negotiations of Clandestine Same-Sex Sexual Relationships while in Public Heterosexual Couplings - Alicia Walker, BA, Med

Learning Orgasm - Corey Flanders, MA;  Camille AmbroseSantos;  Aubree Minakami;  Kyla Stueber;  Shelby Thirkill;  Brenda Tilos

We Have to go Deeper: Male and Female Participant Reactions to Sexually Explicit Material - Shayna Sparling, MA;  Paul Shuper, PhD

A Desire for Connection: Community Connection, Identity Formation, and Sexual Behavior among MSM in Rural Areas - Randolph Hubach, MPH;  Brian Dodge, PhD;  Michael Reece, PhD, MPH

Welcome to the jungle: Predictors of risky sex in college freshman - Stephanie Mannon, MA;  DJ Angelone, PhD;  Tiffany Marcantonio, BA

What Should Count as Sexual Consent? A Response to the Department of Education’s “Dear Colleague” Letter - Michelle Kanga, MA;  Charlene Muehlenhard, PhD

Assessing the Relationships among Women’s Sexual Risk, Race/Ethnicity, & Ethnic Identity in the Context of Acute Alcohol Intoxication - Danielle Eakins, BA;  Cindy Stappenbeck, PhD;  William George, PhD;  Kelly Kajumulo, MPH;  Julia Heiman, PhD

Perceptions of Masculine Gender Norms - Megan Carpenter, MA;  Corey Flanders, MA;  Christine Bennett, BS

Hypersexuality in Heterosexual-Married Gay Men - Sara Coenen, BA

“I like it when you do this”: Young women’s tips for improving sexual satisfaction - Heather Blunt, MPH, PhD;  Eric Buhi, MPH, PhD;  Stephanie Marhefka, PhD

Masculinities and Hooking Up: Gender, Agency, and Status - Rachel Kalish, MA, MPS

Lessons from Sexual Health and Romantic Relationships Workshop Series for Young Adults with High-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder - Sara Coenen, BA

Contemporary Orientations in the Islamic Conception of Homosexuality - Arif Korkmaz, PhD

Reactions to Asexuality - Irina Loizzo, BA

"Drunken Curiosity" and "Gay Chicken": Gender Differences in Same-Sex Performativity - Kate Esterline, BA;  M. Paz Galupo, PhD

Cross-Disciplinary Teaching and Learning on Sexual Diversity - Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, PhD;  Lisa Nunn, PhD;  Steven Sumner, PhD;  Evelyn Kirkley, PhD

Read All About It: What Are Spanish-Language Newspapers Saying About Sex - Alejandra Fernandez, MS;  Eric Dedonato, BA

"Playing the Field":Predicting Concurrent Dating Partners in Latino College Emerging Adults - Nancy Leon, BA;  Bianca Guzman, PhD;  Claudia Kouyoumdjian, PhD

Deconstructing DSM-5’s Sexual Schema - Simon Whitney, MD, JD

Religiosity and sexual behavior in a sample of Hispanic college students - Michael Young, PhD;  George Denny, PhD ;  Joseph Donnelly, PhD;  Tina Penhollow, PhD

Adolescents’ Reasons to Delay to have Sex - Alma Bonifacio, MA;  Guzman Bianca, PhD

Different Factors for Different Teens: A Study Predicting Early Sexual Behaviors Using a Classification and Regression Tree Method - Myeshia Price, MS

Retrospective Female Adolescent Perceptions of Parent-Child Communication and Teenage Sexual Behavior - Timothy Ainger, MS, MA

An Informal Review of Feminist Discourse on Lesbian Survivors of Breast Cancer - Rosara Torrisi, MSSW, Med

Dirty deeds and other constructs below the muddy waters: Structure and gender invariance of participation, interest, and willingness for sexual behaviors - Mandi Alexander, MA

Risky Business: Cybersex Infidelity among Young Adults - Sesen negash, PhD

Attitudes toward an intervention to communicate HIV status and condom use preferences at sex parties: The role of HIV status - Jackeline Cruz, BA;  Christian Grov, PhD, MPH;  Ana Ventuneac, PhD;  Jeffrey T. Parsons, PhD

Examining Women's Under-representation in Political Office: Do the Effects of Sexual History and Attractiveness on Candidate Viability Differ for Men and Women - Andrew Franks, MS;  Kyle Scherr, PhD;  Kasey McFarland;  Amanda Hartman

Sex, Sexuality & Autism - Arlene-Jane Tinga, MA

Autonomy and Arousal: Predictors of Sexual Arousal to Self-Selected Erotic Films in Women - Katherine Goldey, MS;  Sari van Anders, PhD

Exploring the Relationship Between Exercise and Sexuality - Alex Marshall, MPH, PhD;  Duston Morris, MS, PhD

Sexual arousal patterns of men with sexual interest in transsexuals - Kevin Hsu, BA;  Allen Rosenthal, MS;  Michael Bailey, PhD

“I want to feel you in me”: Exploring the Content of Emerging Adults’ Sexts - Nancy Leon, BA;  Bianca Guzman, PhD;  Claudia Kouyoumdjian, PhD

Going with the flow and trying to fit in: Identification of college students’ social networks and their association with sexual experiences - Brea Burger, MS, MFT;  Patricia Koch, PhD;  Rachel Smith, PhD

Sexual Identity Development: The Influence of Mother-Daughter Attachment Quality and Sexuality-Related Communication - Sandra Pericak, MSc;  Susan Lollis, PhD;  Robin Milhausen, PhD

Bodice-ripper Novels in Counseling: Exploring Fictional Communication Models - Melissa Lemons, MA, Mdiv

Heteronormativity: a requirement to work? Analysis of the Disciplinary Regime for the Peruvian National Police - 2012 - Sophia Gomez, BA

Sexual Scripts at the Crossroads: Generational differences in gender patterns of tactics used to gain sex from a reluctant partner - Peter Anderson, PhD;  George Smeaton, PhD;  Richard Bohn, PhD;  Jennifer Fagen, PhD;  Tara Tomicic, PhD

Body image coping strategies used among a sample of older women - Rachel Avants, MS;  Jean Henry, PhD

How To Measure Sexual Orientation Prevalence Without Underestimating the Prevalence of Non-Heterosexuals - Robert Epstein, PhD;  Ronald Robertson, BA

The Bear Community: Sexual Health, Behaviors, and Identity Concordance - Adolph Delgado, BS;  Phillip Schnarrs, PhD

Compliance with South Carolina’s Comprehensive Health Education Act - David Wiley, PhD;  Kelly Wilson, PhD;  Katherine Zenger, MPH

I Guess We Don't Care Because We're Not the Victims: The Sexual Education of Black Men and their Perceptions of Sexual Violence in Georgia, USA - Rachel Lewis, MSc

The Extent Sexual intercourse, IPV, Gender Norms, Acculturation impact Depression among Latino/a Emerging adults - Alma Bonifacio, MA;  Claudia Kouyoumdjian, PhD

Content Analysis of Cognitive Distortions in Sex Offenders’ Online Forum Posts - Lyndsie Johnson, MA;  DJ Angelone, PhD;  Tiffany Marcantonio, BA

Jealousy and Compersion in Polyamorous and Monogamous Relationship - Katherine Aumer, PhD

The Impact of Childhood Sexual and Physical Abuse on Men’s Perpetration of Sexual Violence - Michael Balsan, BA;  Kelly Davis, PhD;  Cynthia Stappenbeck, PhD;  Jeanette Norris, PhD;  William George, PhD

Cybersex and Offline Infidelity among Young Adults: Examining the risk factors - Sesen Negash, PhD

Language Used by Women with Orgasmic Disorders and Correlation of Question 15 on the FSDS-DAO with Clinician Evaluations of FOD - Sue Goldstein, BA;  Jodi Dickstein, PhD;  Wayne Kreppner, MSc;  Johna Lucas, MD;  Amy Burbrink, MBA;  Natalia Tkachenko, MD;  Sheryl Kingsberg, PhD

The Influence of Gender, Body Image, and Partner BMI on Sexual Satisfaction - Esther Schwartz, MPhil;  Sheila Garos, PhD

Does everybody play the fool sometimes?: Determining the prevalence of, and behaviors associated with, feigning alcohol and drug intoxication - Heather Adams, MA

Lessons from Sexual Health and Romantic Relationships Workshop Series for Young Adults with High-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder - Sara Coenen, BA

The Prism of Sexual Assault: The Influence of Ethnicity on Perceptions of Sexual Assault - Kateryna Sylaska, MA;  Andrew Walters, PhD, MPH

Drug Use Motivations and Sexual Practices among Rural Methampethamine Users: An Analysis Across Sexual Identity Categories - Aleta Baldwin, MA;  Nicole Smith, MPH;  Katie Barnhart, MPH;  Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH;  Nicholas Goeders, PhD;  Elyse Cornett, MS

Social Networks & HIV Risk: Using Respondent-Driven Sampling (RDS) to Recruit a Diverse Sample of Men Who Have Sex with Men in New York City - Nicholas Grosskopf, EdD, MCHES;  Michael LeVasseur, MPH;  Jude Elysee, MS;  Liora Sitelman, MS;  Alexandra Thakkar, BS;  Stephane Labossiere;  Rudolf Nisanov;  Christopher Rohit;  Temitayo Akintunde

The Protective Role of Mindfulness in Sexual Insecurities - Kaitlyn Goldsmith, BA;  Cara Dunkley, BA;  Boris Gorzalka, PhD

Ethnic Identity as a Protective Factor for Sexual Risk Behavior in a Sample of African American and Caucasian Men - Danielle Eakins, BA;  Kelly Davis , PhD;  Cindy Stappenbeck, PhD;  William George, PhD;  Jeanette Norris, PhD

What does the literature say about LGBT youth who reside in rural areas: exploring opportunities and challenges for future research - Carlos Pavao, MPA

The relationship between body image related quality of life and body image coping strategies in older women - Jean Henry, PhD;  Rachel Avants, MS

Experiences of sexual aggression and victimization among a sample of rural methamphetamine users - Erika Collazo, MPH;  Nicole Smith, MPH;  Katie Jo Barnhart, MPH;  Debby Herbenick, MPH, PhD;  Nicholas Goeders, PhD;  Elise Cornett

Nonconsensual Insemination: A Pilot Study - Carmen Cusack, JD, PhD, ABD

The relationship of body image coping strategies to anxiety levels during sexual activities in older women - Jean Henry, PhD;  Rachel Avants, MS

Why have sex? An investigation of the reasons for sex within heterosexual couple relationships - Jessica Wood, MSc;  Robin Milhausen, PhD;  Scott Maitland, PhD

Regulating Deviant Sexuality: Formal and Informal Norms in the BDSM Subculture - Julie Fennell, PhD

The Sexual Behaviors of College Freshmen Enrolled at a Hispanic-Serving Institution - Tammy Wyatt, PhD;  Sara Oswalt, MPH, PhD

Stereotyping to Infer Orientation Creates “Plausible Deniability” and Increases Antigay Aggression - William Cox, MS, ABD;  Patricia Devine, PhD

Russian Perspective: Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors of Russian College Students regarding Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), HPV-related Diseases, and HPV vaccination - Maria Alexandrova, MD

Towards Reducing Mono- and Hetero-Normativity: Four Points for Clinicians and Researchers to Consider - Heath Schechinger, MEd, MS;  Amy Moors, MS

Masculinity and Barebacker Identification in Men Who Have Sex with Men: Implications for HIV transmission - Christopher Wheldon, MSPH, Med

Sexuality, Survivorship, and Script Theory: The Role of Script Theory in Explaining the Intersection of Sexuality and Survivorship - Aja Kneip Pelster, MPH;  Christopher Fisher, PhD, MPH

Trends in Depiction of Love and Lust in Popular Music - Yasaman Madanikia, BS;  Kim Bartholomew, PhD


The influence of Relationship Status and Alcohol Consumption on Internal and External Consent to Sex - Kristen Jozkowski, PhD;  Jacquelyn Wiersma, PhD

Welcome to the jungle: Predictors of risky sex in college freshman - Stephanie Mannon, MA;  DJ Angelone, PhD;  Tiffany Marcantonio, BA






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