The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

SSSS 2017 Annual Meeting and 60th Year Anniversary

November 9-12, 2017

Atlanta Marriott Marquis ~ Atlanta, Georgia



 2017 Annual Meeting Planning Committee …



Robin Milhausen earned her PhD in Applied Health Science at Indiana University, with a minor in Human Sexuality from the Kinsey Institute.  Milhausen has almost 100 peer-reviewed publications and has given more than 100 educational lectures and conference presentations.  Her research interests include sexual arousal and desire, gender differences and similarities in sexuality, and condom use and sexual health.  Milhausen is currently an Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality.

Robin Milhausen, Phd

2016 & 2017 Annual Meeting Co-Chair

Guelph University





Carlos E. Rodriguez-Diaz is a health promotion and health education scientist. As a public health educator by training, his work has focused primarily on sexual health promotion, HIV/AIDS, and health equity. He has been working in the public health field for over a decade addressing the needs of multiple disenfranchised populations, including Latino/Hispanic populations in the US, incarcerated populations, gay and bisexual men, other men who have sex with men, and trans populations. Carlos is Associate Professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus. He is currently developing and implementing a research and public health practices agenda for sexual health promotion and to address social determinants for HIV/AIDS inequities and LGBT health in Puerto Rico, US, and the Caribbean.

Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz, PhD

2016 & 2017 Annual Meeting Co-Chair

University of Puerto Rico




Kristen Jozkowski is an associate professor of Public Health, affiliate faculty in Gender Studies and Director of the Sexuality Research Lab at the University of Arkansas. She is also a Research Fellow with the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University. Dr. Jozkowski’s research interests include sexual consent negotiation, sexual violence prevention, sexual enhancement and sexual function. She was awarded the Outstanding Researcher Award for the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation in 2012, the Rising STAR Award (for excellence in Service, Teaching, and Research) in 2014, and the Early Career Distinguished Alumni Award from Indiana University School of Public Health in 2016. Dr. Jozkowski earned her PhD in Health Behavior from Indiana University where she also worked with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Kristen Jozkowski, PhD

2017 & 2018 Annual Meeting Co-Chair

University of Arkansas



Justin J. Lehmiller is the Director of the Social Psychology Program at Ball State University and a Faculty Affiliate of The Kinsey Institute. His current areas of research include casual sex, sexual fantasy, and consensually non-monogamous relationships. Dr. Lehmiller has authored more than 40 scholarly publications to date, including a textbook entitled The Psychology of Human Sexuality. In addition to performing freelance writing for PlayboyVICE, and several other media outlets, he also runs a popular blog, Sex and Psychology, which aims to educate the general public about the science of sex.

Justin Lehmiller, PhD

2017 & 2018 Annual Meeting Co-Chair

Ball State University




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